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Traveling towards the sea, discovering the beaches and shores of Ferrara ... This could begin the story of the wonderful adventure that can be experienced by going to the eight locations that make up the Ferrara beaches: Comacchio, Lido di Volano, Lido delle Nazioni, Lido di Pomposa , Lido degli Scacchi, Porto Garibaldi, Lido degli Estensi, Lido di spina.

There is a lot to write about Comacchio and its beauties, but we refer you to another post that illustrates this town very well. The other seven Lidos, arranged one below the other along the Upper Adriatic coast, not only have well-equipped and avant-garde accommodation facilities and bathing establishments, but are also small places where you can live in contact with nature and away from the noise of the city ​​is really possible.

The numerous pine forests, the immense beaches, the green areas full of streams or ponds, artificial or not, make the landscape totally adherent to the characteristics of the Mediterranean scrub. And then the beaches equipped for the enjoyment of children and adults, the hotels and hotels on the coast, the many opportunities for recreation offered by the pro loco and private individuals make this area one of the excellence of the tourism sector in our country.

The Po Delta Park
The Po Delta Park is divided into 6 districts, protecting the habitats distributed among wetlands, agricultural areas, woods and pine forests: Volano-Mésola-Goro; historic center of Cornacchio: valleys of Comacchìo and Campotto di Argenta (province of Ferrara): pine forest of S. Vitale and 'piallasse' of Ravenna: pine forest of Classe and salt of Cervia (province of Ravenna). VOLANO-MÉSOLA-GORO, the station north of the Park, can be reached from Ferrara by taking the provincial road to Ostellato, from which one continues along the Po di Volano up to the SS309 Romea.
On the road you can see the beautiful bell tower of the Pomposa Abbey (7th century), the Abbey complex consists of the abbey church, the monastery and the Palazzo della Ragione. The mighty bell tower (1063) is divided into mullioned windows that rise from the bottom upwards, multiplying the openings.

Near the abbey there is a cycle path that reaches Volano and from here the Bertuzzi, Cantone and Nuova valleys are crossed and you can admire beautiful brackish water basins and strips of lagoon cords.
Through the panoramic Acciaioli road, heading south, you reach the Comacchio coast. Continuing on the Romea state road you can see the castle of Mésola, home to one of the Park's information centers, from which other cycling routes branch off on the banks of the Po.

The first runs along the right bank, offering an overview of the river bends as far as GORINO, near the mouth, where one of the last pontoon bridges over the river is visible. Organized excursions on the water, footpaths and cycle paths enter the lagoon, which is still well managed by embankments.

You can continue the route by first crossing the wood of Santa Giustina della Fasanara, a naturalistic oasis equipped with parking areas, then Torre dell'Abate, an ancient seventeenth-century hydraulic artifact, then skirting the Gran Bosco della Mesola up to Goro.
And then here is the historic center of Comacchio, called the little Venice, because of the thirteen islets on which it stands and which integrate perfectly into the scenery of the Cornacchio valleys. Closed between the Po, the sea and the Rhine, these islets constitute a habitat of European importance for the many birds that winter and nest here: flamingos, avocets, knights of Italy, the rare spoonbill, larids (pink and coral gull), sterids (terns and sandwich terns), anatids.
To appreciate the beauty of the complex of valleys, it is advisable to travel along the same surface of the water: the motor ships that leave from Stazione Foce, in the center of Comacchio, offer guided tours to the 'casoni di valle', the ancient fishing stations.

There are also numerous road and pedestrian itineraries that can be traveled and rich in unique scenarios. b For example, along the aforementioned provincial road to Ostellato, you can reach the beautiful natural oasis of Vallette, or you can head south towards the reclaimed areas along the ancient Agosta embankment, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the valleys.

The Rhine embankment can be traveled on foot, by bicycle and by ecobus to the Boscoforte peninsula, a sandbar between the waters that stretches for 5 km, a paradise for birdwatchers and lovers of the outdoors.

Lido degli Estensi
The seaside resort of Lido degli Estensi, which is part of the Ferrara beaches circuit, is perhaps the least known, but the richest in natural beauty and leisure opportunities.

All in an atmosphere of absolute relaxation, away from the chaos of the most famous places. The long Viale Giosuè Carducci, which is overlooked by restaurants, bars and many shops with all kinds of goods, from souvenirs to clothing, to footwear and to real estate and travel agencies, distinguishes the center of the town, a hamlet of Comacchio. Around it other streets and avenues branch off, all rich in trees and vegetation, such as viale Dante Alighieri or viale dei Lecci.
Not far from this center is the coastal area, with its long and sandy beaches. Here too the bathing establishments, all equipped, are many and offer entertainment and relaxation with bars and restaurants practically 24 hours a day.

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